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OUAT-Sleepy Hollow-Bones-Elementary-Castle UA 2017
Jul 23 '14

Hiccup stashing things in/on his armor (◡‿◡✿)

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Jul 23 '14


hi, I draw srsbsnss mushy things about srsbsnss cartoons

Lets see if I kept this obscure enough not to be too extremely embarrassed to put it on tumblr. Actually, to my defense, I got a note a while ago asking me to draw him again, and I got a bit carried away :B sigh I love them so much can we just have a show about them please

Also I’m so sorry I ended up making him look like that asshole from Contact hahah, totally unintentional. And for not posting much art lately, I work a lot. Also sorry the picture set is really huge. This took like an hour and a half of psyching up to actually publish this too holy crap 


sigh why do I do this to myself.

Jul 23 '14

Chris Pratt Interrupts Interview To French Braid Intern’s Hair

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Jul 23 '14


The life and adventures of Emma Swan.

Jul 23 '14

Teen Wolf AU - As a banshee, Lydia can see Allison’s ghost. At first, it’s almost like having her best friend back, but it’s not long before Allison begins to turn vengeful, as spirits so often do.

Jul 22 '14
Jul 22 '14


take no shit 2014

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Jul 22 '14

You know Voldemort’s snake, Neville? He’s got a huge snake… Calls it Nagini…”
"I’ve heard, yeah… What about it?”

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Jul 22 '14

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Jul 22 '14